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A Series

Couplamatic Systems, Inc.  A Series Hydraulic Coupling.

The A Series hydraulic coupling are bite to the wire hydraulic hose ends for 100R1/1SN thin cover (57MB-1, 56MB-1), 100R2 thin cover (57MB-2, 56MB-2), 2SN (2SN), 2SK (2SK), HY-PLUS I (HPI), & III (HPIII), 100R16/2SC (R16), 100R17 (R17), Dura-Hyd R16, R17,
EX (DH16, DH17, DHEX16) & Jack hose (JH).

The A Series couplings can be crimped in virtually all adjustable crimp  machines. Some non-adjustable crimp equipment can produce crimp dimensions within CSI’s recommended crimp specification.

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